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Evnex fleet charging

Evnex makes it simple and cost effective to manage charging for your electric vehicle fleet.

Our charging solution can help you make the most out of your investment:
  • Enable full speed AC charging at up to 22kW (if supported by vehicle)
  • Reduce your operating costs by shifting charging to times when electricity is cheaper
  • Improve your fleet utilisation through enhanced visibility of charging sessions and vehicle availability
  • Improve your understanding of the cost and COoffset component of running your fleet through easy to use reporting features
  • Manage access to your charging stations via RFID card
  • Distribute the available power from your premises amongst multiple charging stations, without overloading your supply.
Evnex Fleet Software


    Evnex enterprise charging

    Electric vehicles are here to stay. As their numbers grow, they will create both challenges and opportunities for the electricity industry.

    Electricity Retailers

    As customer churn and challenging market conditions create increasing uncertainty for electricity retailers, electric vehicles represent a significant opportunity to engage with new customers during their EV purchase, and keep these customers longer with compelling charging offerings. 

    Our CP Link™ cloud software helps electricity retailers in the following ways:

    • Helping retailers better understand how and when their customers are using electricity through access to live and historical data
    • Allowing for dedicated EV charging tariffs, by providing access to revenue grade metering information
    • Supporting the development of digital EV charging services, such as billing and mobile apps through API access.


    Electricity Distributors (Utilities)

    As our electric vehicle fleet grows, careful management of charging will avoid the requirement for billions of dollars of investment in our distribution networks and generation assets.

    Furthermore, our reliance on peaking fossil fuel generation can be substantially reduced through the use of coordinated charging in off peak times.

    Evnex CP Link™ cloud software supports electricity distributors in the following ways:
    • Improving distributors ability to forecast and understand EV charging load, by providing access to live and historic energy usage data
    • Reducing the implementation complexity of EV charging services, by providing dedicated, high redundancy charge point management software
    • Reducing concerns of vendor lock-in, with interoperable, standards based solutions 

    If you're looking at setting up EV charging for your fleet or energy business, get in touch, we'd love to learn about your business.