Frequently Asked Questions

Evnex home charging

Installing an intelligent charge point can help you charge your car faster, safer and save money by taking advantage of off-peak electricity rates.

Today's electric vehicles have larger batteries and more range than ever, meaning that charging speed is crucial to getting the most out of your EV. Installing a dedicated Evnex R-Series charge point will help ensure that your EV is charged safely and ready to go when you need it. Our free mobile app allows you to control your charge point remotely and keep track of your energy costs.

lf you're looking at installing an Evnex charger, the following may be helpful to know:


Why should I install a dedicated charge point at home?

The lead that comes with your vehicle is typically designed as a portable charger. It plugs into your standard home outlet, and draws about 8 amps. This type of charger delivers about 8-10 km of range per hour to your vehicle and usually has no communications or smart features.
Installing a fixed charge point like our R-Series model will mean your charge point has its own dedicated 32 amp feed to your switchboard, it can charge faster (up to 40 km of range per hour for most homes) and is far safer than relying on your existing household sockets, which are susceptible to overheating or fires if used incorrectly or with an extension cord. By installing an intelligent charger, you'll also have the ability to schedule charging for off-peak times, and track your energy spend.

Should I choose the R7 or R22 model?

Should I choose the tethered or socket option?

How much does installation cost?