Evnex sustainability

Electric vehicles are an important technology to enable a transition to a low carbon future. Our connected charging technology helps maximise the benefits of electric vehicles in the following ways:

As a manufacturer, we have a responsibility to be ethically and environmentally accountable. Not just in the way we build our products, but how the company operates as well.


  • We want our products to last, and we stand by them. We use quality components from reputable suppliers, and design our hardware to give years of service.
  • Our electronics hardware meets international standards (RoHS) regarding reduction of hazardous substances.
  • Our product is designed and assembled at facilities that treat their employees with care and respect.
  • As part of our R&D we're researching the use of bio materials, recycled and recyclable materials for use in our plastic components.


Air travel contributes a significant amount of CO2 into the atmosphere and is responsible for around 2% of human induced CO2 emissions. Wherever possible we aim to reduce our travel dependencies and we contribute fully to airline CO2 offset schemes provided by companies like Air New Zealand.


As we maintain and monitor a growing fleet of connecting charging systems, we require an increasing number of energy consuming servers. Our services are hosted on Amazon Web Services, who continue to show strong commitment to reducing the CO2 emissions of their cloud.


We avoid the use of plastic packaging wherever possible, instead using clever design and renewable alternatives like cardboard and compostable wrap.