Monitor and manage your charging stations via our dashboard or API using industry standard protocols.


Connected energy is here.

As our electric vehicle fleet grows, careful management of charging will avoid the requirement for billions of dollars of investment in our distribution networks and generation assets.

Furthermore, our reliance on peaking fossil fuel generation can be substantially reduced through the use of co-ordinated charging in off peak times.

EVNEX Cloud enables our customers to build managed charging solutions that provide amazing end user experience, while enabling partnerships and collaboration between industry stakeholders.

Secure, hosted OCPP solution.

Leave scaling, redundancy and security to us.
Connect any compatible product, including EVNEX chargers and Core modules.

Built with utilities in mind.

View and manage charging stations from a distribution level for targeted load shedding and energy metering insights.

API enabled.

Enable partnerships with retailers, utilities, commercial parking and fleet charging providers through scoped API access to charging data, energy metering and control.

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