Simplifying network managed vehicle charging.

BMW i8

We are a New Zealand company, building innovative electric vehicle charging technology.

Our mission is to accelerate adoption of EVs by enhancing the capabilities of charging infrastructure.

We help our customers build cost effective charging hardware, and scalable systems for managing network load.

Modular Hardware

Our ACI (Adaptive Charge Interface) is a cellular connected DIN rail mounted charge control unit. It can be used to build charging stations ranging from single phase 1.4kW to three phase 22kW.

It has been designed to allow electric vehicle chargers to easily integrate with grid demand response systems and solar smart grid technologies.

End To End Platform

Our hardware is paired with an evolving backend system based on Particle's leading IoT platform.

Our dashboard can be used for basic end user monitoring through to advanced fleet management features including OCPP, dynamic response and load balancing.

ACI Wireframe